Age of Embattle
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  •         This is a brand new age. "Age of Embattle" will bring you an unprecedented experience. Who said that the age of grate empire was dead? A new age will dawn with...

Age of Embattle

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This is a brand new age. "Age of Em [详情]

This is a brand new age. "Age of Embattle" will bring you an unprecedented experience. Who said that the age of grate empire was dead? A new age will dawn with new king. The death of former king left an empty throne. Throne is not only the glory of empire, but also a lofty symbol. Battle empires, real-time war, fight enemies with your allies, build your castle and plunder resources with strategy in centenary war. Who will be the last winner, and to be the next king in this age? Get all of this in Age of Embattle! Language problem? Real-time translation will solve your troubles; The lack of resources for upgrade? Abundant activities are waiting for you; The strength is not strong enough? The alliance system will assist you to gain glory then ascend the throne. In Age of Embattle, collect resources, build buildings, train armies, recruit heroes and take part in an alliance until you become the overlord of one region and finally become the great king. However, it is just a simple start, more new and interesting elements are waiting for you to participate. More activities will be added in game center. Please follow Facebook to view more activities info in time. Everything you want for free in mobile strategy game of Age of Embattle! Come and try it now! Invite others around you to join this age of war! You will be the next great king! Features: * Online Multiplayer PVP war battles. Train armies, recruit heroes and lead them into epic battle of empire. * Rebirth of Empire The empire to be abandoned, you are free to choose how to develop. Create a new glory of this age! * Train soldiers Age of Embattle is a worldwide mobile strategy game. Not only conquer with other, but also put your strategic mind to test against your enemies form across the globe in Age of Embattle. * Recruit Heroes Great hero of each age will now be used for you! * Global Alliances Different Alliance, or cooperation, or even betrayal. Hold the throne of empire with your allies! You are not the only king of building the empire! In this real-time MMO mobile strategy game, you are always beyond the world's lords. King will not easily give up the throne. Powerful your armies, conquer the other empire, get the throne, become the real king of Age of Embattle! We look forward to your arrival! Download Age of Embattle and join players from all over the world!


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