African Traditional Fashion - Makeup & Dress up
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  •         Come now and design your very own doll in this unique fashion app. Get the opportunity to dress your doll in clothes and accessories that is strongly influenced...

African Traditional Fashion - Makeup & Dress up

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Come now and design your very own d [详情]

Come now and design your very own doll in this unique fashion app. Get the opportunity to dress your doll in clothes and accessories that is strongly influenced by the styles and textures of African culture. With plenty to choose from, you’ll soon be able to create your own fashionable queen. From the plains of the Savannah to the highest peaks of Kilimanjaro, and to the sandy beaches of the Cape, Africa is a continent filled with unimaginable beauty. But none are more beautiful and vibrant than the strong and magnificent woman that calls it home. This is your chance to create a doll that symbolizes such strong woman, women that are fit to be queens. Do you want to be more traditional and stick closer to your roots? Then try out the various outfits and accessories that have an African heritage feel to them. Are you however looking for a more posh and modern look? Then this app caters for those queens that need a more urban look. With over 125 items to choose from you can even create an in between look. Dabble with the 35 facial features that take inspiration from Africa’s fauna and flora. Why not try out one of the 30 unique hairstyles while you’re at it? You can choose to go with the African Afro, or maybe you fancy braiding your mane instead. You even have the chance to visit some of Africa’s well know landmarks. 10 backgrounds can set you on an adventure across the African continent. You can visit Table Mountain, or even Kilimanjaro. You can even go on a safari and enjoy one of Africa's most famous sunsets. Or visit the site and scenes of a quaint village. Choose the kingdom you want to rule over, and do so with style! There is plenty to mix and match with to give your doll a unique look, but she'll always look ready to take on the world and be the queen we all know she is. Features: - 4 skin colors for the dolls - 50 variants of make up and facial features - 30 hairstyles including braided styles - over 125 other apparel items and accessories - 5 mini big five pets - 10 different background, some inspired by popular African locations. - NO PURCHASES For all women and girls who enjoy styling and cosplay apps, we've got dozens of cool Android games with virtual doll makeovers. Check the "More by Games For Girls" list to find the best makeover games. With a diverse range of topics, we've something for any fashionista girl!


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