Ace Jet Fighter – Rocket Dodge
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  •         ------------------------------------------ ACE JET FIGHTER – HIGHLIGHTS ------------------------------------------ ⦁ Simple, easy to use flying controls to d...

Ace Jet Fighter – Rocket Dodge

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------------------------------------------ ACE JET FIGHTER – HIGHLIGHTS ------------------------------------------ ⦁ Simple, easy to use flying controls to dodge rockets ⦁ Automatic target lock fires missiles at enemies ⦁ Fast paced, challenging gameplay ⦁ Two exciting game modes – stage and survival ⦁ Shoot EMPs to disable enemy rockets before they hit you ⦁ Use 4 different missile types to destroy enemy planes ⦁ View your rank on the global leaderboard ⦁ Play Ace Jet Fighter offline – no wifi needed! The controls are easy to use, just tap and hold the left or right button to fly your plane. Use your fighter pilot skills to dodge rockets coming at you from all directions. If you get hit, boom! Game over! If you find yourself in a dangerous situation with rockets around you, use your EMP to disable missiles before they hit you, but use your EMP wisely as it must recharge! Automatic target lock will shoot missiles when an enemy plane is in your line of sight for a few seconds, so hold her steady and shoot down the enemy squadron to survive. Can you keep calm under pressure? There are different ways to enjoy the aerial combat in Ace Jet Fighter . Stage mode puts you in an air battle with a squadron of enemy airplanes, to advance to the next level you must survive and destroy all enemy planes. Survival mode gives you the choice of 4 unique missiles and the aim of the game is simple – survive for as long as you can and shoot as many enemies as you can! TAKE TO THE SKIES & BATTLE ENEMY PLANES – DOWNLOAD ACE JET FIGHTER NOW! Twitter -


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