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  •         A Real "God" Tier Idle RPG! Earth just got destroyed... but don't worry! Sign a contract with Time Goddess to rewind the time! Now it's your turn to become a...

60 cds Hr Idl

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A Real "God" Tier Idle RPG! Earth [详情]

A Real "God" Tier Idle RPG! Earth just got destroyed... but don't worry! Sign a contract with Time Goddess to rewind the time! Now it's your turn to become a hero and save the planet! Download now, and get 2,000 Diamonds and 5-Star Knight! ★ Event: Reach Hero Level 5 Every master who reaches Hero Level 5 will be granted with an additional 5-Star Knight! ★ Join the Official Community! Have a friendly conversation and share information with each other! ■ Game Features ◎ Idle RPG at its fullest! Train your knights anytime and anywhere, even when you're offline! ◎ Over 100 Different Characters! Meet Your Favorite Historical Figures in Game! Familiar characters in whole new looks! Feast your eyes on dazzling, amazing skills! Immerse yourself in powerful battle scenes! ◎ Easy In-Game System! Tired of games that give you headaches? Enjoy the ever-growing power of your knightage with easy quests and auto level-ups! ◎ 60 Seconds! Time to Become a God! Heroes who signed a contract with Time Goddess can awaken into God itself for 60 seconds! Enjoy the high-quality transform scenes along with great abilities! ◎ Perform Rebirth to Break the Limit! Get Through the Stages with Limitless Power! Perform rebirth to make your knightage more powerful! Unlock the Gods' abilities through rebirth! ◎ Strategic Gameplay Utilizing Variety of Attack Types! Find your ultimate strategy to win with knights from four different continents! ◎ Idle RPG with Challenges and Achievements! Win various rewards as your knightage becomes stronger! Prove your strength by challenging the 'Evil Lord' and get rare characters! ◎ Grinding? No More! Free Gifts Given Everyday! Tons of contents with many different rewards! Free gifts are given everyday to aid the heroes saving the planet! ▶ Required App Permissions [Access to External Storage] Required to download updates. [E-mail] Required for account recovery after device replacement and game data transfer. [Cell Phone Status] Required for user identification upon account recovery. ▶ Contact us - Feel free to contact us to cs.global.andromedagames@gmail.com about questions, error reports, and feedbacks. - We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. ※ Caution: Game data can be lost if you delete the game or change your device. ⓒ ANDROMEDA GAMES Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.


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